Art is innovative, decisive and uniquely expressive. All that are not all three are something other than pure art. Sub genres of d├ęcor, style and fashion differ from pure art in their essential purpose.

Modern materials must be continually explored to determine possibilities relevant to art. New materials often make new modes of expression possible. New materials lead to different avenues of thought and, often times, entirely new directions.

All work is conceived organically through entirely manual modes of thought and execution. Drawings become maquettes that later become pieces. Computer aids are rejected entirely from the process to ensure that software influence does not present itself in the art.

The pieces are strictly one-off creations. Whatever insights or discoveries that are made throughout the process may only be applied to future pieces. Time and attention inform the progress of future works.

Of particular interest are areas of the phenomenal and the physical. The pieces are single entendre and do not propose social or political narratives in any way. Modernism and elegance of expression are pursued to the maximum extent. The superfluous that may present earlier in the process are eliminated to ensure the most distilled experience.